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"I try to fix stuff around the house a lot. I try and fix everything, really. It helps that I was a mechanic a while back, and that's probably where it all comes from. Obviously, when my garage door opener broke, I wanted to fix it. So, I took the cover off and, while it's not that complex, I still had no idea where to start. As far as I could tell, it looked like the opener wasn't broken. After tinkering with my garage door opener a bit, I decided to call in a professional. I called Philadelphia Garage Doors, and they were able to fix my garage door opener in no time. Now, I know exactly what to do when my garage door breaks."
- Dave R.

I don't want to be bothered with stuff around the house, especially when it's some sort of monster like the garage door. When my garage door broke, I didn't even bother monkeying with it. I called some company that was trying to give me a raw deal, so I kept looking, and I'm glad I did. Eventually, I got to Philadelphia Garage Doors, who was the most reasonable company I could get on the phone. On top of that, they came out the next day and were able to fix it in a matter of hours!
- Arky A.

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